Many Uses of Yarn

Yarn is more than just something that you can use to knit clothing from. There are so many other, creative uses for yarn, if you just sit and think for a moment. People that are creative can use yarn for many different reasons and purposes. If you have a lot of yarn, but you aren’t in the mood of making clothing, you can use it for these purposes as well:

Making pompoms

As a child you might ask your mother for making your pompoms that you could play with or that you could have to wear on your knitted beany. However, there are many things that you can make with pompoms.

The main material is yarn, and when you have a couple of pompoms, you can make toys, and other creative things with them. You don’t just use pompoms on beanies

Toys for children

Yarn can be used on many different ways to make great toys for children. You can get some great ideas online and might even find a pattern or two that you can use.

These toys you can give to your children, grandchildren or even give it to an orphanage where children don’t get toys to play with. You don’t need to purchase new yarn for these toys. Your cut-offs are great, and you will make a child really happy.

Off bits for bird nests

Many people are making use of small cut-off yarn for wild birds to make their nests. This can be a great idea, if you are ensuring the cut-offs are really small and that won’t get tangled with the bird or the chicks.

clothingThere are always a small piece of yarn left when you knit something. You can just cut that small piece into smaller, safety pieces and throw it in a place where the birds will find it, without any trouble. They will then take the yarn bits and lay their nests out with it. This makes a great and warm nest for the little ones, especially in cold weather.

Even, jewelry

For the really creative people, you can even use some of the yarn types to make some great, modern jewelry. There are many yarn jewelry ideas online that you can use, with the yarn that is left over and in your way.

Not everyone has the ability to change yarn into great jewelry pieces, but if you are creative, have internet for some ideas, and left over yarn, this is something that you really can try. This can make great gifts for friends and family and you will be able to do something great with your yarn, which other people can’t do. check more styles from

There are many different uses that you can use yarn for. Besides the normal knitting, there are some great ways of using the yarn in creative ways. You can make jewelry, give it to birds for their nests, and even make toys for your children or for orphans. The possibilities are endless. There are some great, creative uses for yarn on the Internet, if you are taking the time to search for ideas.